Power Girl

This char was my first project and I'm very happy to have done this first beta. Updates will be made in 2014!

Red Hulk


In this project I am trying to get Red Hulk version of Marvel Now Some helpers will be used as Deadpool, Punisher, Elecktra. also will be finalized in 2014.

Hercules 1.0 Review

With the help of iron-angelus and JARRO77 was recently released my second project, hope you like

General Zod - Film Man of Steel

This project is still in its beginning, I have many ideas for it. based on the movie Man of Steel. Will produce this very cool char! wait

Shayera Holl

I believe that Shayera is my biggest challenge. I hope to get a legal job. Also will be finalized in 2014.


This will be my future project. Even early on however the coding is well accelerated. Also will be finalized in 2014.

Justice Lord Super Man

This is my new project for DC chars